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Daily Assignments and Handouts


11/18/M   p.383-5 #1-25 odd (day 2)

11/19/T   Quiz

11/20/W   p.390 #17-31 odd

11/21/Th   Chpt 10 Extra Practice HO (day 1)

11/22/F   Chpt 10 Extra Practice HO (day 2)

12/2/M   Study Guide

12/3/T   Test chapter 10

12/4/W   p.423-6 #1-23 odd (day 1)

12/5/Th   p.423-6 #1-23 odd (day 2)

12/6/F   p.429-30 #1-23 odd

12/9/M    p.444 # 1-19 odd

Algebra II

11/18/M   Study Guide

11/19/T   Quiz

11/20/W   p.245 # 1-21 odd

11/21/Th   p.249-50 # 1-25 odd (bonus #27, 29)

11/22/F   Graphing Rational Functioons HO (day 1)

12/2/M   Graphing Rational Functioons HO (day 2)

12/3/T   Graphing Rational Functioons HO (day 3)

12/4/W   Graphing Rational Functioons HO (day 4)

12/5/Th   Study Guide

12/6/F   Test

12/9/M    p.262 #1-25 odd

Pre-AP Algebra 1

11/18/M   Factoring Reviiew HO #2

11/19/T   p.223 #1-31 odd, 37-41 odd

11/20/W   Factoring Reviiew HO #3a

11/21/Th   Factoring Reviiew HO #3c

11/22/F   Test – factoring

12/2/M   p.225-6 #1-51 odd (day 1)

12/3/T   p.225-6 #1-51 odd (day 2)

12/4/W   Factoring Reviiew HO #3b

12/5/Th   p.228-9 #1-39 odd

12/6/F   Quiz #2 – Factoring

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