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Daily Assignments and Handouts


3/2/M    p.161-3 #all odd problems (day 2) 

3/3/T    Study Guide

3/4/W   Test

3/5/Th   p.173-4 #1-49 odd

3/6/F   p.178-9 #1-57 odd (day 1)

3/9/M   p.178-9 #1-57 odd (day 2)

3/10/T   p.183-4 #1-21 odd

3/11/W   p.189-90 #1-13 odd

3/12/Th   p.194-5 #1-33 odd (day 1)

3/13/F   p.194-5 #1-33 odd (day 2)

Algebra II

3/9/M   p.476 #1-41 odd (day 1)

3/10/T   p.476 #1-41 odd (day 2)

3/11/W   p.481-2 #1-41 odd (day 1)

3/12/Th   p.481-2 #1-41 odd (day 2)

3/13/F   p.486-7 #1-11 odd

As per request , the following assignment are for anyone wishing to finish the major tenants of the Algebra II curriculum this year.  Read through the notes and examples.  Unfortunately, this is a poor sustitute for being in class and I have to compromise between giving you too much or too little. I did not repeat all the notes you should have taken in class except for a few highlights.  Please feel free to call me if you need help.  My number is 918-808-9674.

Logs Handout

Sequences and Series Handout:

Notes for p.476-509:

p.476 #45-51 odd (this is review and extend)

p.490 #1-47 odd

Sequences and Series

p.509 #1-31 odd (skip 23-26)

Notes for p. 513-528:

p.513 #1-21 odd, 27-35 odd

p.521-2 #1-29 odd

p.527-8 #1-27 odd

Pre-AP Algebra 1

3/2/M    Finish Reviews

3/3/T    Test

3/4/W   p.381 #1-45 odd

3/5/Th   Function Review HO

3/6/F   p.387 #1-29 odd (day 1)

3/9/M   p.387 #1-29 odd (day 2)

3/10/T   p.387 #33-39 odd p.393 Orqal ex. in class

3/11/W   Study Guide

3/12/Th   Quiz

3/13/F  Direct and Inverse Variation HO

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