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APUSH Period 8 1945-1980

Cold War and American Society Packet

Cold War Packet Questions 

Domestic Issues and the Cold War Packet

Domestic Issues Questions 

1960s and Vietnam Packet

1960s Questions Part I 

The 1970s Packet 

1970s Questions 


The Sixties

The War in Vietnam: 



Chicago Segregation- Current Event 

Vietnam and Drugs

The Brian and LSD 


Guidelines for Article Review:

In your NB, summarize the following:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? (Bullet form- 15 points)

Summary of the article (1 paragraph) (30 points)

Significance of the article to the topics/themes we are studying (1 paragraph) (30 points)

Two Things I Learned from the Article (15 points)

Three Questions I Have from the Article (10 points)