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APUSH Period 1 1491-1607

Period 1: 1491-1607


 America's History Chapter 1


Activity List 1.1

Period 1- Activity List 



Map Quiz:

States Quiz

States, Hard and Capitals



 Contact Packet APUSH

Contact Packet Questions 



 AMSCO Review Book Pages


 AMSCO Chapter 1 Reading Guide: AMSCO Chapter 1 Reading Guide

Periodization: Why does the period start and end at these dates?

1491: Pre-European contact

1607: First Permanent English Settlement, Jamestown


Major Topics and Concepts:

Pre-Contact Societies






 The Americas to 1500

 Columbus, Indians and Human Progress

 Period 1 and 2 Unit Materials



Review Sheet:



Places to Review: 


Connection to Future History :)

 Great Debates:  How Should We Treat the Land?



Videos for Review: