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Edgenuity - Student Best Practices


  • Focus and be on task in Edgenuity coursework only
  • Protect your username and password
  • Click on the name of the class (don’t click on next activity)
    • this will show you a map of assignments with due dates
  • Work on each class daily and complete assignments on days due
  • Read the Announcements that pop up upon logging in
  • Learn from your mistakes; review incorrect responses 
  • Take notes; you may request guided notes
  • Review grades and check progress often
  • Monitor progress using the Course Report
  • Take eNotes throughout the course
  • Review lectures a second time using the Course Map
  • Answer all subjective responses thoroughly, in complete sentences, and using your own words
  • Review notes and previous attempts before taking quizzes, tests, and the cumulative exam
  • Check Scores and Feedback Report and Assignment Calendar daily
  • Save your work before exiting (when applicable) and log off correctly