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APUSH Period 6 1865-1898

APUSH Period 6

 Khan Academy- Prep for Period 6 Test

 Period 6 Concept Outline


Gilded Age Game APUSH 



Industrialism in the Gilded Age 

Urbanization in the Gilded Age 

Urbanization in the Gilded Age Questions 

The West in the Gilded Age

The West in the Gilded Age Questions 

Political Rise and Fall of the Farmer in the Gilded Age 

Political Rise and Fall Questions 


HW: Due Monday, Jan. 30.

 Read the "Industrialism" packet above.  Answer the essay question below using 30 of the vocabulary words at the end of the packet.  Highlight each of the words you use.

Industrialists such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan were controversial because of their vast wealth. Should these industrialists (and other major industrialists of the era) be labeled “Robber Barons” or “Captains of Industry?” Justify your opinion with concrete facts.


Crash Course:

 Answer the following questions after watching the video.  Use information from the video and the Industrialism packet.  Be specific. 

1. What factors encouraged American economic growth in the decades after the Civil War?

2. How did workers fare in the new industrial America?

3. Could workers have improved their working conditions without organizing labor unions?

4. How did industrialization bring both positive and negative changes? 




DBQ: Read and analyze the documents (15 minutes suggested reading time). Respond to the DBQ prompt using 7 of the documents.  Write your response in your notebook.  Do NOT write for more than 30 minutes.  Set a timer!  Refer to the grading rubric in the document below (pages 2-4, total of 7 possible points).  

Organized Labor in the Gilded Age DBQ 

AP US History Writing Rubric 


HW: The West in the Gilded Age- Questions

Please complete in your Learning Journal.


DBQ: The Farmer's Revolt

DBQ Farmer Revolt