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Educational Websites


If you have a Netflix account there are two great educational shows that the kids love. This is a great option to have for a little downtime and to not interrupt the eductional environment all together.


Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus Rides Again.

Teachers Pay Teachers

I have supplied this website since it has several grade/ability level worksheets that are free! Just search the concept you need and you can immediately print the desired resource . I would recommend anything that has to do with sentence structure or writing complete sentences. We were going to really focus on this skill after Spring Break so I would continue to make this a main focus. 


We have exciting news! Students will be able to take AR tests at home along with Math Fact In A Flash. I will be able to monitor each student’s achievements. Please use this as one of your main resources. If your child does not rememder their username and login, please email me and I will send it you you!

First Grade Sight Word List

This is the Sight Word Lists in order. Please ensure you practice Sight Words daily. Once they have completed one list, move on to the next. This will prepare them for 2nd grade!

MyOn Reading

Some student’s are familiar with this resource. It is through AR and they really enjoy it. Once again, make sure your child reads on their own at least 30 minutes each day. Please moniter this and reinforce the 30 minutes.

Username: readnow

Password: myon


This is a fun website for early childhood students. It has a large selection of educational games. 

EPIC Books

This website offers a tremendous selection of educational materials. It has e-books that students can enjoy reading and there is an option to be read to, as well. I can track student’s progress and enjoy seeing their improvements. Students need to read at least 30 minutes each day on their own. It is very important that you monitor your child’s reading time and reinforce the 30 minutes. It is always fantastic to read longer too!

Our class code is: 


Study Island Reading and Math

Study Island is one of my favorite resources but it is very expensive for schools to subscribe to. During this time they are offering a FREE two month trial. It gives a lesson for each Oklahoma standard along with other assignments according to grade level. They can earn ribbons for their achievements. I would love for this to be one of the main resources that students use. Because it is free trial, I will not be able to see each student’s progress. I would love for you to send me updates as they go so I can share in their success. 

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