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About Sheri Witham

Welcome to Ms. Sheri’s page! In case you'd like to know more about your child’s teacher, here's a little information about me. After graduating college in 1987, I was a counselor in a children’s shelter, a trainer in adult group homes for developmentally disabled adults, and had a home daycare. I had never planned to become a teacher, but God sure did. He used every job I ever had to prepare me for what I'm doing now. It took awhile, so I came to teaching a little later than most – I was 39 years old! I started as a special ed para in 2004. Then I took a handful of tests to get my teaching certificate in 2008 and taught at Ryal for 4 years.                      
I have been happily teaching in Room 308 since 2012! My students range from 3 years old to 5th grade. Sometimes I have older students (I serve a 7th grader who is homebound), but most of my kids are 5th grade or younger. I often have students the entire span of their elementary years, which makes it VERY hard to let them go when they promote to 6th grade!
When your children are in my class, I want them to know they are welcome and that our classroom is Where Every child is Loved, is Capable, Overcomes, and Matters Everyday! I assure you, there's never a dull moment as we brainstorm, explore, and create ways to learn and overcome! And we will work determinedly with you and your child to reach SUCCESS!!

Sheri Witham

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